Holy Saturday Reflection

by David Morson

Holy Saturday is sometimes seen as a break or interlude between the seemingly despondent events of Good Friday and the rejoicing in the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. But, our Apostle’s Creed states that Jesus “descended in to Hell” during this period.

This has become known as the “Harrowing Of Hell” It is a difficult concept, but it relates to the mystery of all those good souls who lived and died before Jesus’s Sacrifice and how they now became free to share in the Salvation brought about by His Death.

The Church’s great Ceremony of the Easter Vigil which takes place in the evening of Holy Saturday, also focuses on such new beginnings.

In the Service, there is a time when new Members of the Church are Baptised or Confirmed, initiating a new beginning for both them and us.

Finally, Holy Saturday is a time when we reflect upon the unwavering ministry of Jesus’ women followers. It was them who remained with Jesus at the foot of the Cross when all the male disciples fled and hid. Their faithful presence is recorded in all Four Gospels. Their love for the Lord was not broken by His Death. They saw the tomb where His Body was laid and watched the stone being put into place. They were the one’s who lamented and mourned. They formed the first small community who maintained Hope in the Lord’s Sacrifice. They were the ones who discovered the Empty Tomb when they came early on Sunday Morning to anoint the Body….and it was one of their number, Mary Magdalene, who was the first person to whom the Risen Lord appeared.