Rev. Des Connors

Parish Deacon


I am a Permanent Deacon for the Diocese of Brentwood and was ordained here at St. Theresa’s in June 2019.

I retired from the Metropolitan Police in July 2020 to concentrate full time on my diaconal ministry. I obtained my master’s degree in Catholic Social Teaching in 2020 from St. Mary’s Catholic University in Twickenham, and in September 2021 I will begin my studies for a licentiate in Canon Law at the Pontifical University of Leuven in Belgium.

I often get asked what is a Deacon? A deacon is an ordained minister of the Church. Ordination confers a special gift of the Holy Spirit. By this gift, a deacon is a sacramental sign of Christ the Servant, who made himself the ‘deacon’ (from the Greek word diakonia, service), or servant of all. The deacon’s spirituality is one of service, as helper and colleague of the bishop and of the priest.

The deacon has a threefold ministry of Altar, Word, and Charity. This involves him in proclaiming the Gospel and preaching, assisting the priest at Mass as an ordinary minister of Holy Communion and performing those parts of the Mass designated to the deacon since the early Church. The deacon is involved in pastoral and charitable work, reaching out to the poor, the sick, the elderly and others in need.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 07748 464 101